Waiver form and rules


Parents,  download and print our waiver form if you plan on sending your child 17 or younger to participate at our fields.


Due to insurance purposes we may require proof that you have signed and are indeed waiving Route55 Paintbal Ltd. of any and all liabilities in case of an incident that may arise while your kid is participating in a paintball match at our facility.


Proof can be an adult who is present, signing the waiver that they witnessed the childs parent or guardian sign the form.  A photo of yourself and your child with the waiver in front of you will also work.


If your child is 14 or under he will have to have at least one adult play with his group.  By agreeing to let your child participate you agree that the adults playing with the group are responsible for your child. You should also inform the adult/s who will be playing with the group of any specific instructions for your child.  Route55 Paintballs staff will not change the procedures and rules unless it is at request of the adults participating with the group.