Paintball - $200 (Minimum)
*Refer to Paintball Page for Rental Prices. Example:

8 guests buy Bronze Package (8 x $40 = $320) | 5 guest buy Silver Package (5 x $50 = $250)

- Groups of 10 of more get the course to themselves and we provide a referee to officiate your games
- Groups of 9 or less might be paired with another group on the courses
- Booked guests are guaranteed a minimum of 4 hours play

Nerf Parties  - $120/60 Minutes - Field Rental


- $120 is the cost for up to 10 children

- $10 per additional player, $50 dollars per additional 30 minutes

- We provide protective glassware and a variety of different Nerf Guns & Darts. You are welcome to bring you own Nerf Gun if you would like. 

Airsoft  - $120/60 Minutes - Field Rental

*Refer to Airsoft Page for Rental Prices

- $10 Field Pass required per participant (Members don't pay Field Pass)

-  $50 dollars per additional 30 minutes

Thanks! Message sent.

- Please note; Bookings are not final until we receive Credit Card information and confirmation email has been sent.

- In the case of a no-show, the credit card provided will be charged the entire booking fee.

- Guests who provided their credit card informational are responsible for any outstanding or unresolved financial costs acured from the booking. 

- Please read our course rules and fill-out the Route 55 waiver to save time during check-in.

Open Seasonally

Bookings available 7 days a week


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