Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paintball hurt?
The answer is No, well maybe a little! If it didn't hurt a little it wouldn't be fun! With all action sports though, proper safety instructions need to be followed.  A paintball is a soft-shelled capsule filled with vegetable oil and food colouring. It's made in the same factories as Tide Pods and Advil capsules so they are actually very soft. It might feel like a rubber-band hitting you but with the adrenaline pumping you sometimes don't even feel it!

What do I need to bring?
Just yourself! We provide the protective gear, guns, and overalls. We do ask that you bring sneakers and old-loosing fitting clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. If you booked with us and want to take advantage of the BBQ. We ask that you bring some food, fixings, and plates in a cooler. 

We are a group of 6, will we have the paintball course to ourselves?
Unfortunately, you may be paired with another group. For groups of 10 or larger you will be guaranteed your own playing field and a referee. 

Is there a restaurant or place to eat on the course? 
We have a concession stand in our shop where you can purchase water, pop, and small snacks. We do sell bottled water, but we advise you to bring your own as well. Running around during the hot summer days can work up a thirst. All bookings get free use of our on-site BBQ so bring a cooler with some food to grill!

Can I bring my own paintball gun and paint?
Gun, yes. Paint, no. You are welcome to bring your gun as long as it is set to semi-automatic at 290fps for adults and 265fps for youths (anyone playing with a gun exceeding these speeds will be ejected immediately). For field paint we require that you only use paintballs supplied at Route 55. 

How old do you have to be to play Paintball?
8 years and older.  One parent or guardian participating per every 5 kids is required. Absolutely no children under the age of 8 are allowed on the course, no exceptions. 

For all other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!