Scheduling your game now!!!

Business, stag, birthday or just bored,  call 780-573-9002 or email and book your game now.   All guests are provided with the equipment needed and all the training necessary.  Booked guests are guaranteed a minimum 4 hours of play and at least one ref to officiate their game. We will cater to you, let us know your schedule and we will do our best to meet your needs.  All we ask for is as much notice as possible. 


- Person booking the group will be required to provide a credit card with a $210 guarantee.

- If the group does not show up for the booking and it has not been cancelled the full $210 dollars will be charged to the credit card on file.

- Person who provides their CC is responsible for any and all outstanding or unresolved financial costs acured from the booking 

Groups booked with 9 players or less

- We do not provide group exclusivity, we may pair your group up with other groups smaller than 10


Groups booked with 10 players or more

- We provide at least one ref for your group

- Your group will not be paired with anyone else, enjoy the courses to yourself


Aged 14 and under groups

- Any groups with one or more youth 14 or under will have to follow these added safety rules.

-All players will have to provide a waiver signed by a parent or guardian, proof may be required.

-For every 5 kids under this age 1 guardian will be required to play. 

Route55 regulars

Our route55 regular club is a mass text sent to all members,  It's as simple as sending us a text requesting a time and we will forward it on to everyone else.  If we get enough intrest we will book the course. This feature provides you a chance to go paintballing when you didnt have a group to go with.


Ask about getting involved with the regulars. This service is free and there is no obligation to respond.

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Address: 2 KM East of Cherry Grove on Highway 55
Phone: 780-573-9002

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